The mission of "Kursk Institute of Management, Economics and Business"

Kursk Institute of Management, Economics and Business provides an opportunity to get up-to-date quality education in the fields of Economics and Management through the use of international best practices in education, science and business.

We contribute to the success of each student. Our graduates possess optimism, confidence and professional competence.

We train professional leaders striving for continuous improvement and working actively for the prosperity of their countries.

Kursk Institute of Management, Economics and Business sees itself as a modern and innovative business centre of education, science, practice and culture, which is actively involved in the public life of the country and the region, and which seeks to comply with European educational standards in the training of highly skilled and successful specialists.

The policy of “Kursk Institute of Management, Economics and Business" in the sphere of quality education

The management and staff of the Institute work as a team focused on the work quality, united by common ideas and values, by principles of hounest and open relationships shared by everyone.

Development, implementation and continuous improvement of the quality system are recognized as the priority of the Institute, which enhances the competitiveness and sustainability of MEBIK on the market of educational services.

The strategic goal of our Policy is providing high quality education, which meets modern requirements in the sphere of educational services, and strengthening the image of a modern, entrepreneurial, innovative and educational center.

The main Policy guidelines in the sphere of quality:

  • We develop our quality system, expanding it to all the processes implemented by the institution; involve all employees in the development, implementation and improvement of the quality system; we constantly monitor the effectiveness of the quality system. The managers at all levels are leaders in quality management.
  • We strive to incorporate the quality and content requirements and expectations of educational services consumers, to stay head of their expectations analyzing the current trends of development of the economy and the state.
  • We implement the competence approach in training, develop the competences which are necessary for professionals in the field of Economics and Management, we train required and successfully working in modern conditions specialists.
  • We improve the educational and research processes with regard to the requirements and expectations of the students, employers, staff of the Institute, public and state structures. We implement advanced Russian and international experience of education in our own practice in order to improve the quality of education and future prospects of the Institute.
  • We target the staff to continuous professional development, to the manifestation of creative initiatives and realization of their potential, to develop responsibility for the quality of their work.
  • We support talented and active students, giving them opportunities to realize their potential and express themselves in different areas of educational and social activities, through individual training, material support, providing them with a wide range of spheres of self-realization.
  • We strive to be a scientific community, to develop dynamic academic environment, creative experimental site, design-oriented technologies for the applied research of state agencies, local governments, and enterprises of small and average business.
  • We aim to participate actively in political and public life of the region, helping to strengthen its socio-economic position and its scientific and educational potential. We are open to partnerships with regional communities in educational, scientific and cultural projects.
  • We create a community of students, trainees and staff who share the responsibility for the implementation of the Policy and receive the recognition for their contribution to its development.

The leadership of the Institute headed by the rector assumes responsibility for implementation of this Policy, for creating conditions and providing resources for its implementation, motivates and directs the staff to participate actively in achieving the objectives in the field of quality.

Goals, objectives and guarantees of "Kursk Institute of Management, Economics and Business" in the field of education quality

  1. Complete satisfaction of requirements of all the parties (students, parents, staff, heads of state authorities at all levels, employers).
  2. The implementation of competence-based approach, strengthening the practical orientation in the training of specialists.
  3. Constant improvement of the educational and research processes.
  4. Creating conditions for training and improvement of the teaching staff, complete realization of their creative potential in professional activity.
  5. Continuous improvement of educational training programs taking into account the views of employers, the changing situation in the labour market, requirements of the market economy and the priorities of socio-economic development of the region.
  6. The formation of moral values, patriotism, a sense of social responsibility, an active life position, professional competences amongst the students, creating favorable conditions for their self-development and self-improvement.
  7. MEBIK’s rating and prestige upgrade in the region in the fields of Economics and Management.

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