The admission is based on personal application of the entrant. The application form can be obtained from the admissions office or be printed right now.

The following documents must be provided by the applicant:

  • document proving the identity and citizenship;
  • certificates about applicant’s previous education;
  • four photographs for documents sized 3x4 cm;
  • if an applicant is transferred from another institution, their reference is required.

Documents are accepted:

  • The head office. Address:
    35, Radishev street, Kursk, Russia 305000, Admission Office 204, phone number: (4712) 51-44-05
  • The affiliates of MEBIK:
    • 53, Dzerzhinskogo street, Rylsk, Kursk Oblast, Russia, Admission Office 26, 1st floor, phone number: (471-52) 2-61-04
    • 22, Volkov street, Sudzha, Kursk Oblast, Russia, Admission Office.
    • 4, Obogatiteley street, Zheleznogorsk, Kursk Oblast, Russia, Admission Office.

Terms of admission:

  • for full-time students - from April, 2 till July, 25;
  • for part-time students - from April, 2 till December, 25;
  • if being transferred from another institution to the 2 (and other) year – during the whole year.

For Full-time Students

On July, 28 on MEBIK website the full list of applicants’ surnames is published, whose admission is being considered by the Admission Committee in each direction of preparation on various conditions of admission to full-time training.

If on July, 30, you are on the list of enrolled applicants, you need to submit originals of scanned documents to the admissions office not later than August, 04.

Those applicants who have submitted the documents in an electronic form and have not submitted the original documents till August, 4, are withdrawn.

For Part-time Students

Acceptance of documents for part-time students is carried out from 2 April to 25 December.

Those applicants who have submitted the documents in an electronic form and have not submitted the original documents till December 27, are withdrawn.


  • Admission office – (4712) 52-08-98, office 204
  • Magistracy – (4712) 52-01-96, office 301
  • Faculty of Training Bachelors – (4712) 52-08-98, 56-72-08, office 204

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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